All web hosting packages and rental of servers is 12 months prepaid subscriptions unless otherwise agreed.

Thus all web hosting packages are  ordered and paid for a total period of 12 months.

If the subscription is cancelled before the end of the period, the remaining, unused period will not be reimbursed.

Servers are rented from

Delivery of web hosting packages will take 1-2 days.

Delivery of dedicated servers will take 1-2 weeks.

By acquisitions of external backup webhosting packages, we always make an effort to restore within 24 hours after the crash.

By acquisitions of remote backup space for dedicated servers, the customer has access to the backup site via ftp.

On dedicated servers, any help for restoration etc., as a result of chrashes, is not included in the subscription

iRedHOST assumes no liability for loss or other costs associated with downtime of both hardware and networks for web hosting package and / or dedicated servers. We strive towards as low a level of downtime by as possible in cases where downtime could occur.

Termination of the lease of dedicated server or web space must be sent to iRedHOST no later than 30 days before contract expires - if this is not fulfilled, the period will be extended with a length similar to the previous one.

Since redHOST immediately after ordering domain and hosting starts manufacturing and maintenance of the ordered domain and hosting, the normal 14 day return policy is waived. When ordering the domain and web hosting, the customer agrees that this return policy is waived as soon as iRedHOST starts manufacturing and creating domain and web hosting package.

iRedHOST assumes no responsibility for, or rights to the content / material of our customers and in the event that the content / material breaks with current legislation we reserve the right to discontinue service without notice

If the traffic limit included in the respective web and / or dedicated servers is exceeded, the service is automatically upgraded to the level above in which the traffic limit can be contained and the customer is billed for this in the month where the limit was exceeded and will continously be billed for the upgraded package until the customer asks to be downgraded. iRedHOST commits to notifying the customer about this.

We make reservations for price changes, discontinued products and services, delivery delays and other factors beyond our control.

* All dedicated servers with unlimited bandwidth connections can peak at maximum at the specified speed but is not guaranteed 100% capacity available on the specified port size since the the port is shared by multiple servers. For a dedicated port of 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps, you can contact iRedHOST for a formal offer




Joomla Installed and ready to use

Joomla user guide

100 email accounts

100 email aliases
Free restore on your site

...and much more




Joomla Installed and ready to use

Joomla user guide

250 email accounts

250 email aliases
Free restore on your site

...and much more